Metti Inner Circle

Metti will always be about rewarding early Metti Patrons, and also, artists who are doing great artworks but may be limited on the technological side and cannot do NFT collection releases & drops without OS storefront contracts. From an artist's perspective, I have been there.

To change that, I want to introduce Metti Inner Circle, I will help driven artists plan, execute & release their NFT art drops, helping with anything on the tech & marketing side as well as collector outreach. The Metti Inner Circle will do art drops to Metti holders only.

Metti community will charge only 5% for each Metti Inner Circle drop's sales, and that 5% will be raffled to one Pumpa/Petta/Standa holder upon the sold out of the drop. No matter you own Pumpa, Petta or Standa, you have equal chance to win that 5% from each drop.

Metti Inner Circle is inspired by the 888 Inner Circle. With many artists out there doing great works, an artist-led approach will add more opportunities and possibilities for artists out there. No artists should starve because of tech limitation.